Gallery and Fish Facts

Fish Facts by Tracie G are also published in the SandDollar Magazine.

These are just some of the sea creatures we have encountered on our Paddleboard Adventure Tours.  Everyday and every season is different.  Book your Paddleboard Adventure today and discover what you will see in the SEA.

This Batfish has pelvic pectoral fins which it uses to walk slowly along the ocean floor. He is not a strong swimmer. He uses an appendage on his nose to lure in prey for food.
Milk Conch
This Milk conch was found empty therefore we were allowed to take home this Mermaid treasure. No live shelling is permitted at Florida State Parks.
Red cushion sea star
This large starfish has short stubby legs on its underside. This has thick arms and is generally found on offshore artificial reefs.
Purple or Variegated Sea Urchin
These creatures belong to the Echinoderm family and are frequently found on all our location. We will show you some amazing fish facts regarding urchins which we are almost positive shall amaze you.
Lined Sea Stars
The Lined Sea Stars are amazingly large and are super quick walkers. These sea stars also don't like bright light so are best found in the morning. Using their water propulsion system they travel fast along the sea floor and dig very quickly in search of their prey. We have some video of these on our Facebook page and Utube.
Fossilized Shark Teeth
Venice Florida is the "Shark tooth Capital of the World", if you want to learn about shark teeth, Paddleboard Adventures is the company for you. Most teeth found on our shoreline are from the Miocene to Pliocene Era means they are 2-28 MILLION YEARS OLD
Bottlenose Dolphin
Paddle boarding along side dolphin is amazing!
Bay Scallop
These animals have amazing blue eyes located at the end of their 18 margins on both sides. This creature pumps valves to swim and is a favorite when found.
Giant Red Hermit Crab
The Giant Red Hermit crab is a common resident at all our locations. The shear size of these creatures will blow your mind! With their knobby body and long eye projections, you can't miss a picture of this awesome aquatic creature.
Horse Conch
The Horse conch is Florida's State shell and the Largest Gastropod in North America
George the Manatee
Manatee are seen at all Paddle board Adventures local, during their season. During winter months, or as the gulf waters get cool, these mammals seek warmer water refuges in the center of our state or at power plants where they take advantage of the warm water output from the reactor coolers.
Black long spined urchin
9 armed sea star
This 9 armed sea star was found in Boca Grande in a super secret spot. Come on out to find one with me!
Sand dollars
This species is the 5 holed key holed urchin, a cousin of the sea urchin. Come on out and learn about the amazing Echinoderms.
Porcupine pufferfish
Pufferfish have powerful mouth plates so beware and keep fingers away from mouth.
lightning whelk
Lightning whelks are common in our water and beautiful to see. These predators love clams and we commonly find them feeding.
lightning whelk
Boca Grande paddleboard tour.
Large groups welcome!
Paddleboard tour Boca Grande Bayou.
Horse Conch
State shell of Florida and Largest snail in North America
Spiney star
This guy got lucky and got an extra arm
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