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Prices $75pp , Children $25/ride along.

Customized Paddleboard and Snorkeling Adventures - showing you what is AMAZING while Paddling in Boca Grande!

Reservations are required, minimum of 2 persons are required.  Children under 10 may ride along with an adult.  

All Paddle board Adventures are lead by a Professional Multi-Certified Instructor whom is also Florida Master Naturalist. We will educate you on SUP safety and the creatures that live in the waters.  

If you are traveling from Sarasota to Ft. Myers, Boca Grande and Englewood are the place to be.  Paddling in our waters will amazing you, and what we find will surprise you.  Come to Englewood and learn to paddle board, you wil be so happy you did.


Please note all excursions are weather dependent.  Your safety is our #1 priority.

You choose which location you would like Paddleboard Adventures to explore with you.

Please ask us any questions upon booking  - there is nothing we can't answer for you.

Duration: 2 hours

What to Bring!!!

Please bring:

  • Sunscreen

  • Polarized sunglasses for an amazing viewpoint of sea life from your paddleboard

  • Sunglasses floater, especially if you have prescription glasses

  • Dry towel

  • Dry clothes for after your adventure

  • Water to drink (no glass please)

Paddleboard Adventures
Minimum of 2 persons
$75. per person/2 hours
$95- per person/3 hours 

Boca Grande-2 location choices 

Placida Fishing village - Mangrove trails

Sup-Orkeling/3 hours
$95.00 per person

Any location

(These tours are were suspended when Covid began.  You can bring your own gear and if we have an opportunity and right conditions for snorkeling we can try.  Water clarity and tides made this a tough excursion and difficult to meet my high standards.)

Sup-Orkeling can be added to any adventure.

Duration:  3 hours-*

After learning how to paddle safely, we will take you on an adventure to explore what is underneath our paddle boards.

All snorkeling adventures include paddle board equipment, mask, snorkel, water noodle, and a bottle of water for hydration.  We will have small nets for those hard to reach critters!

Children must be over 12 years of age to enjoy this adventure, and everyone must be able to swim independently.

Please consider tipping your tour guide if we have exceeded your expectations.  Thank you

$75. per person/2 hrs. - min of 2 persons.
$100 single person

Paddle board lessons can give you amazing insight to this popular sport.  At Paddleboard Adventures we will educate you on different board types, the difference between paddles, and most importantly SUP safety.  
A private one on one lesson is $100.00 per person.

Group lessons are $75.00 per person   Minimum 2, Maximum group is 4.  ALL lessons are customized from beginner to advanced based on your skills and expertise.  We're ready to challenge your skills if your ready to learn.  

     Take your paddling skills to the next level!
Paddleboard Adventures is happy to let you try our 4 different brands of SUP's from our fleet and direct you to a local reputable dealer if you are considering purchasing a Paddle board for yourself.


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All stand up paddle board adventures include:

Land lesson will be provided at the beginning of all adventures. We will discuss SUP safety, SUP hazards, Paddling techniques and basic turns.  

The use of Paddleboard Adventures equipment includes: 

Paddle board, leash, paddle PDF with whistle.  
Paddleboard Adventures has 5 different types of boards for paddlers on our on fleet.
We currently have YOLO, BIC, Stand on Liquid, SUP ATX and Jimmy Styx paddle boards on our fleet.

There is a big different between All types and models of boards.  Paddleboard Adventures wants to allow you to try anything on our fleet and will provide you with education regarding what you are paddling on and the type of paddles available to paddle with.    

Paddleboard Adventures does not provide unsupervised rentals.  Should you like to rent a paddleboard, we can refer you to many local reputable companies depending on the area you would like to explore.

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